Section 377A of the Penal Code


A friend of mine sent the above picture to me. He told me that Citibank has organized an event on May 18, Wednesday 2016 that was open for ALL Citi staffs.

The Agenda of this event were as follow:
1. Citi’s commitment to diversity and inclusions, with a focus of LGBT employees
2. Address by speakers
3. Upcoming Pride events and getting involved
4. Networking
Brought to you by: Citi Singapore Pride Council

When Citi organized this special event to address the commitment to include and focus on the LGBT employees in Singapore, I wonder what are the feelings of the straight Singaporean employees and the “secret” homosexuals who are attending church. Would they feel intimidated and pressured to support the Citi Pride Event? I’m not an employee of Citi, but I’m aware that many top executives of the company are proudly out as homosexual.



The following is an excerpt from Bloomberg,
“…however, some countries with LGBT restrictions choose not to enforce them. In Singapore, which, like Bangladesh, has such laws dating back to British colonial times, gay activists are allowed to gather and organize. An annual gay pride celebration called Pink Dot was sponsored last year by international firms, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Google Inc., and JPMorgan Chase & Co.”
Source: headline is “Protecting Gay Employees where being Gay is a crime.” dated May 17, 2016

The paragraph is trying to contrast between Singapore and Bangladesh on how they enforce their laws. Both Singapore and Bangladesh have similar laws against LGBT acts, but Bangladesh approaches it more violently and seriously (“The brutal killing in Bangladesh last month of a gay activist employed by a U.S. aid agency”), whereas Singapore is more liberal (Allows Pink Dot activists to hold and organize events).

Although there is no more news about people convicted under 377(a), this does not mean that homosexual activities are legal in Singapore.

Anyway, Citi, I don’t have any bank accounts with you. I do not support you. I salute those who take the trouble to close their accounts and/or cancel their credit cards of your bank.