Police Report on Cheating Case – Part 2

“Human error happens in every religious organizations all over the world, what is important & precious is that Faith is still residing in you, a man of faith is hard to come by, keep strong!”
The person who wrote this on Eng Han’s Facebook wall is not a Christian, but at least he sees faith in him and not bitterness.

On July 29 2016, 1 more couple lodged a police report with the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) against some people for conspiracy to cheat and for misuse of church funds from City Harvest Church (“CHC”). Now there are 4 spirit-filled believers that have reported to the CAD. In my opinion, they are not bitter. They lean on God and definitely know what they are doing.

When you see “lying religion” cheating men in life and robbing loved ones in death, where is your holy indignation?

For those who has said Eng Han is bitter, I am not trying to be defensive. Please ask God why there are 3 more people (excluding Eng Han) that came forward to report a criminal case. Why have some of the CHC Ex-Board members left the church?

My prayers go out to you if you are hurt by these 4 people’s actions.