Police Report on Cheating Case

For the record, I’m doing this as a warning to preachers not to be so daring in future to deceive church members. It’s also to increase awareness in the body of Christ of the corrupt practices of church leaders such as Kong and team so the Christians will be more discerning and pray against the spirit of deception and greed in the church. (Mr. Chew’s comment)

How many people have the boldness and courage like Mr. Chew Eng Han to come against a mega church?

I have confirmed with Mr. Chew that he has lodged a police report with the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) on 11th July 2016 against 8 people for conspiracy to cheat and for misuse of church funds from City Harvest Church (“CHC”).

There is another ex-CHC member who want to remain as anonymous also lodged a police report on the same day.

The 8 people are
1. Kong Hee (CHC Founder)

2. Ho Yeow Sun (CHC Founder)

3. Mark Kwan (Sun’s creative director)
He had stayed in the LA house in Hollywood Hills with Sun Ho before.(Crossover Project)
I am not sure what position he is holding today. According to the news in Citynews he is one of the singers in the recent CHC “Draw Me” album. The same person who quoted in Citynews “The album title is taken from a worship song written by CHC’s senior pastor Kong Hee in the early days of the church, a song that has remained one of the church’s key anthems throughout its 27-year history.”  See my last post on “Draw Who?

4. Henry Chee Chi Keong (Ex Xtron manager)
Director of The Ink Room Pte. Ltd.
Director of Cityplay Pte Ltd.
Executive pastor Aries Zulkarnain told the church, “CityPlay Pte Ltd, which runs Cool de Sac and Bistro Cool, is a subsidiary of The Ink Room (TIR), formed in partnership with a successful local entrepreneur. Its board of directors include Pastor Bobby Chaw and Chee Chi Keong Henry of The Ink Room, who serve on a voluntary basis and do not receive remuneration for their directorships.”
Source: http://www.citynews.sg/2014/03/a-cool-place-to-play/

Henry Chee had stayed in the LA house in Hollywood Hills with Sun Ho before. (Crossover Project)
Source: http://www.spokeo.com/CA/Los-Angeles/2209-Canyon-Dr#resident_info_panel_2

5. Aries Zulkarnian (CHC Executive Pastor and Board member)
Director of Kosmos Global Private Limited. (Share holders of The Ink Room Pte. Ltd)

6. Teo Meng How (Kong Hee ex-secretary for a period and held some executive administration role in CHC before Commissioner of Charities suspension.)
He is not a Pastor but I saw a brochure address him as Pastor in an overseas preaching.

7. Derek Dunn (former CHC executive Pastor)
After the case broke out he has resigned from CHC. The reason given to the congregation was he has to look after his sick mother. You can find his profile in Derek Dunn ministry.

8. Kevin Loo (CHC KL Founder)
You can find his profile in City Harvest Church Kuala Lumpur.

Will there be a second round of investigation?

I don’t know. Meanwhile I know the existing criminal appeal case is near.
The hearing will be on the following dates
1. 15 to 16 September 2016
2. 19 to 21 September 2016

From Mrs Light

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