LA house in Hollywood Hills is on sales

I’m in the mood to search for property.

Property: 2209 Canyon Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068 selling at $5,495,000.
(8 beds , 9 baths, 6,676 sqft)
Convert to SGD S$7,424,679 is still cheaper than Sentosa Cove.

Current and past residents of this house.
1. Chee Family (H**** Chee)
2. M*** Kwan
3. H* Sun
and ……

Many beautiful photos of the house can be found in this website




Sales History
1. Date 22/12/2005 Bought by Yanoz Development LLC at $1,850,000
2. Date 4/6/2012 Bought by David Leventhai (Trustee) at $4,100,000

Yanoz Development LLC was incorporated on 7/12/2005 and current status is “Canceled”.

Rental per month USD $20,000
For City Harvest Church (CHC) members, they were told that this house in Hollywood was shared by a group of mission workers.

Who are the mission workers?
To the best of my recollection, they are
1. Mark Kwan (Hendry Chee back in S’pore payroll under Xtron)
2. Sun Ho
3. 2 people from CHC KL.
4. 2 people from CHC.
[Edited: Someone told me I’m wrong. It should be 2 people from CHC funded by CHC KL not 2 people from CHC KL.]

Recount of Kong Hee cross-examined by DPP on Aug 27, 2014

Kong wrote to Justin Herz (Dated 4 Dec 2008)

“The Singapore employer has paid the team directly in 2008, the only way to capture the salaries under JH Music for 2008 is for the Singapore employer to deposit the team’s total salaries for the year into JH music’s account and JH Music pays the team as a one-time consultancy fee in December.“

Justin Herz replied to Kong


“Going forward for green card eligibility we should have team paid by a US company.”

Kong wrote to Serina Wee

“Na Wee,

Wahju is so unstable. Can we do it without going through him?”

“Can you call me in 15mins?”

DPP: If you did go through Wahju for this paying of staff, it was not Wahju’s own money that was going to be used to pay the staff. Correct?

Kong: No, it’s not.

DPP: Where was the money going to come from to pay the staff?

Kong: Your Honour, the money could come from the church, if we are paying for church staff, or the money could come from MPA, if MPA is used to pay for the staff. I can’t really remember, your Honour. Serina would remember this better.

DPP: If Wahju is not the one actually paying but money is going to be provided to him from the church or from the MPA to pay the staff, isn’t that just channelling these funds through Wahju?

Kong: Your Honour, the words “channelling” and “conduit” sound very sinister. The context of this email in the earlier emails in this thread shows that there was a conversation that has been ongoing with the auditors, the partners of Baker Tilly in the US, and even then, the discussion was do we pay through JH Music? Is JH Music registered with the US taxing authorities for payroll? So I don’t think at that point in time our mindset was even if we have done it through JH Music, which eventually I believe we did, JH Music was a conduit or a channel. It’s more likely that JH Music provided payroll service for the team. So if we had used UA (Ultimate Asset), then UA would provide payroll service for the team.

Things to ponder

The team refers to the group of mission workers staying in LA. If the salary in 2008 has been already paid to the team, who is the “Singapore employer” in the email which Kong was referring to decide to pay the team the total salaries for the year again?

If the “Singapore employer” pays the total salaries for the year in JH music’s account in December, isn’t the team collecting the salary again or perhaps the “Singapore employer” is declaring one-year bonus for the mission work?

How about the rental? Where was the money going to come from to pay for the USD $20,000 rental? (Edited on 14/7/2015 - 4 tenants from CHC, Mark Kwan and Sun.)