God is love do you take Him for granted?

Dear Friends,

Regarding the CHC case, the DPP, and all the defendants have submitted their written submission to the court. I believe Kong Hee and his 4 inner circle of friends and Eng Han have read the prosecution’s submission. Oral submission is on September 10 and 11 at court 1.

Why is it that at this time, Kong Hee wants to use the pulpit to talk about the brother who cross-examined him?

God does not give us a pulpit and His word for our own personal agenda. I personally feel that Kong Hee was using the pulpit during Aug 8 and 9, 2015 to mesmerize the audience with his supposed private conversation with Jesus.

Kong Hee taught the audience to read the bible and pursuit God. When he comes to the 3rd point on Love, Kong said:

(The following is the transcript of Kong’s private conversation with Jesus.)
Last year I have a life transforming moment, concerning what love is all about. I have a life transforming moment when I was on the stand in court. Over 5 weeks, over 19 days, over 5 weeks. So that was a very long season.

The 1st week when I was in court, one of those that cross-examined me was someone from our church. He made some cutting remarks that broke me up then. Hurt me very deeply. Very hurtful with his words. For me, at that point, it was easier to face the prosecutor. Because the prosecutor was a stranger. I don’t know him, he doesn’t know me. So he can make all his allegations, but, well, he’s doing his job, I don’t know him, he’s not my friend. But this brother was somebody that I broke bread with. And the words from a friend can cut very deep.

I felt pretty broken up that 1st week. He cross-examined me on Thursday, on Friday. Saturday I was at home, and I went to my bathroom to take a shower. As the water was running, I was reflecting on the events of the week. And suddenly I heard Jesus speaking to me. He said Kong, you know what you have to do right? Ah, I said yes, Jesus. He said Kong, you gotta forgive him. I said, Jesus, I already forgive. I said Jesus, I’m a pastor. I’m a man of God. I’m a theologian. I’ve already forgiven. He said no you haven’t. He said you forgave him in your mind. You forgave him in your concept. But you never forgave him in your heart. And Jesus immediately reminded me, Matthew 18. You see, that’s why the Holy Spirit, He speaks through your scrip — er, your scriptures that you have read. And Jesus says in Matthew 18, that we must forgive a brother or a sister, from our heart. He said you got to emotionally let him go. Emotionally start to feel good about him. Wow.

And so I have a little struggle. But I’ve learnt a long time ago, it’s very foolish to struggle with God because you will never win. So I said alright Jesus, Jesus, I let him go emotionally. I will try to feel better. I let him go. And then He said prove it. I said, how do you want me to prove it? And right there and then, in my shower, Jesus reminded me of Matthew 5. He says you must bless your enemies and pray for those who have spitefully used you and have even cursed you. You pray and you bless. I said wow, Jesus, how do you want me to pray? Pray that he cuts me even more, pray that his dagger is sharper? Pray that the public humiliation is even worse? How do you want me to bless him? I said God, he has publicly humiliated me. He says, how do you want me to bless you? I said oh that’s easy. I know how I want you to bless me. Jesus, bless my life, bless my family. Jesus I’m in a financial difficulty, Jesus prosper me. Let me reap whatever I have sown over the years. Give me a harvest. Oh Jesus, heal all the sick people I know in my family. Jesus, give me a greater anointing. And so I was going on and on, oh very easy, Jesus I know how I want to be blessed. I was very happy. And then Jesus pulled the punch line — now I want you to pray and bless him the same way you want me to bless you. Wow. Suddenly I felt like I was standing beside a huge mountain that I couldn’t move. And with every fibre of my being, I forced myself to say those words. I said oh God, bless my brother with an amazing life. Bless he and his wife and his family. He must be going through a lot of worries and pain. God, take it all away. Let there be peace. Oh, he must be struggling financially. God, prosper him. Make him the head and not the tail. Whatever church he’s in right now, let the anointing of God come upon him so that he can serve in a greater way. Jesus, I pray your destiny for him come in its fullness. Make him the man for the hour.

And I found myself praying, and it was so hard at first, and it got easier, and soon I was in tears. I started to cry until the water from my eyes and the water from the shower, they are one.

But something very deep and dramatic happened to me that day. Dramatically transformed me, because I went back to court on Monday, and I had to face him because he still continued to cross-examine me. Suddenly I felt something I never felt before. I felt there was no animosity, I felt there was no anger or hatred. I find myself even sitting in the court praying for him. Loving him. And I found myself throughout the rest of the court trial, until last May, I found myself many moments in court, praying for him, his wife, his family. Praying God, You be good to him. I learnt that there’s no limit to love, therefore there must be no limit to our forgiveness. This is the paradigm. Come on, go ahead and give the Lord a big hand.

Did Kong wrap himself in the message to move your emotions? I beseech you to exercise your discernment. I didn’t transcribe the whole sermon. I believe CHC will upload Kong’s sermons by this week. For the audience who had attended August 8 and 9 weekend service, would you remember you need to abide in God’s word? Would you love Christ because God is love and Jesus died on the cross for you and me? 


Would you feel God is love because you felt sorry for Kong Hee?