COC’s response to written submissions

Mr. Chew Eng Han’s statement 1 Aug 2013
Re: COC’s response to written submissions

The Commissioner of Charities (“COC”) has written to my counsel to inform that it had received requests from seven of the suspended individuals (except myself) and the Governing Board of the City Harvest Church (“CHC”), to defer the removal proceedings until after the conclusion of the criminal trial.  Hence all suspended individuals, except myself (this is moot now anyway) have voluntarily undertaken to refrain any management and/or executive roles with CHC, and also to extend their suspension from positions contained in their respective suspension orders, until 6 months after the conclusion of the criminal trial.  Further, CHC has also undertaken that it would not engage any of the suspended individuals (including myself, again moot) for any management and/or executive role within CHC.

Having taken into account all relevant considerations, the COC has decided to defer the removal proceedings for all suspended individuals.  They will defer mine as well even though I have made full submissions of written representations and indicated my readiness to appear before the COC board.  The COC has stated that it will consider my written submissions carefully and thoroughly before making a decision, which it now appears will be done only after the trial.

As a point of clarification, even though the removal actions are irrelevant now given my exit from CHC, I am nevertheless contesting them on the grounds that the allegations were in the first place without basis.  I trust that in due course COC will give a favourable decision upon reviewing my representations.

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