CHC Trial 21 Oct 2015 – Verdict

I found the full oral judgment in TODAYonline news.

Just go to this link to download the pdf file


The judge read the verdict from the 15 pages oral judgment.

An excerpt from the oral judgement.

I am therefore satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the six accused persons are guilty of all the charges that have been brought against them. I note that all of them believed that they had acted in what they considered to be the best interests of CHC. There is no evidence of any wrongful gain – that was never the prosecution’s case in any event as the charges were premised on wrongful loss caused to CHC through the misappropriation of CHC’s funds.

I consider that John Lam, Eng Han, Serina and Sharon were all acting in accordance with the instructions of people they considered to be their spiritual leaders deserving of their trust and deference, and Ye Peng, although a leader in his own right, similarly trusted completely the leadership of Kong Hee. But no matter how pure the motive or how ingrained the trust in one’s leaders, regardless of the context in which that trust operates, these do not exonerate an accused person from criminal liability if all the elements of an offence are made out.

Accordingly, the accused persons stand convicted as follows:

(a) John Lam is convicted on the first to third charges;
(b) Kong Hee is convicted on the first to third charges;
(c) Sharon is convicted on the fourth to tenth charges;
(d) Eng Han is convicted on the first to tenth charges;
(e) Ye Peng is convicted on the first to tenth charges; and
(f) Serina is convicted on the first to tenth charges.

Prosecution will file the written submission [Sentencing Proposal] by Nov 6 and the respective accused will submit the mitigation pleas by Nov 13. Hearing will be delivered on Nov 20 at 9.30am.