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20 August 2014 – (Morning Session)

20 August 2014 – Morning Session

PP: “Mr Kong you said you left financing to Eng Han and Ye Peng so if the means that they came up with turned out to be illegal, you would not be responsible correct?”

Kong Hee refused to answer initially

PP: “I put it to you you are being evasive because you know if you answered truthfully you will implicate yourself in the bond transactions.”

KH:”I am not involved in structuring the bonds and instructed them to check with lawyers , auditors and management board.  no one told me anything was amiss. I did the best I could.  I am (a pastor) not an expert in bond transactions.”


Morning session before lunch

PP put it to KH that :
1. He was lying when he told CAD he was not involved in the decision for Xtron bonds
2. He was lying when he told CAD he did not know about the Firna bonds
3. He now admits in court of some involvement in the Xtron and Firna bonds because he knows he cannot escape from documentary evidence that he is now shown in the trial
4. He is lying to court now when he says xtron directors approval are needed for the bonds
KH disagreed on all 4 points.


19 August 2014 – (Church attendance)

Why 28,000 as an average weekly attendance figure is a grossly inflated sum:

On 11th August 2014, Kong took to the stand and claimed that “the Crossover Project doubled, tripled our congregation size”


Kong added that the church congregation grew from 10,000 to 28,000. And by the year 2009, the average weekly attendance was 28,000. He went on to state that there was one particular month in 2009, where average attendance peaked at 32,000 people.

Chew believed that the church’s attendance has been grossly over-exaggerated by Kong. 

According to Chew, Expo Hall 8 had a regular seating capacity of 5,000 while Jurong West had a 1,800 regular seating capacity. In 2009, CHC had 2 English services at Expo and 2 English services at the Jurong West hall.

To illustrate, an average weekend attendance in the year 2009 should have been:

 2 X 5,000 (Expo) + 2 X 1,800 (Jurong West) = 13,600 people
28,000 – 13,600 = 14,400 extra people 
Where did the extra 14,400 attendance count come from?

Not forgetting the other congregations, Indonesian, Tamil, Chinese, Johor Bahru and Filipino of course. But do they make up 14,400 people?

Chew also brought up in court that another way to judge the accuracy of attendance figures was by comparing them to forecast attendance. Taking a forecast attendance is a common practice in CHC, although not really practiced now as Kong commented, whereby cell group leaders and zone pastors take a forecast attendance weekly before every service. These forecast attendance would state the number of members, who are under cell groups, that would be attending the service that week. These figures would not include the public also known as ‘walk-ins’. Kong agreed with Chew that the forecast attendance could accurately predict the actual attendance of the week, given a 10% margin.

On 27 March 2010, the service forecast attendance was as follows:

Service 1 (Jurong West): 1,711

Service 2 (Expo): 4,608
Service 3 (Expo): 3,979
Service 4 (Jurong West): 1,356
Indonesian service: 75
Tamil service: 131
JB service: 165
Filipino service: 77
Total count: 13,022 (+10%)
Usher count of Chinese service on 23rd May 2010: 1,000 people

Adding the attendance of the Chinese service would only equate to 14,022 people. How are the extra 28,000 – 14,022 = 13,978 people accounted for?


Pastor Kong replied to Mr. Chew

1. We have a department that does the physical count, and he based on the numbers from his staff who gave him all the data.

2. After the investigation, we got a consultant from the US and Australia to look at all our data and go through our processes and some adjustments were being made, but at that point in 2009, those figures were correct.

3. I think the best thing to do for Eng Han is to check with the department that does the statistics and have a conclusive breakdown on how we get the attendance of 28,000.

4. I trust my team to be accurate and I believe that the figures were accurate and if need be I am sure there are documentary proof to show that the numbers were accurate for an average monthly attendees number.

5. These are cell group attendance, these are not the congregation size. Not every member go to cell groups. (My note: Mr Chew was talking about Lixia messages forecast and attendance for S1 to S4, Indonesian, Tamil, Johor Bahru, Filipino.)

6. I think the best thing that Eng Han could do, to solve this once and for all, is to look at the documentary evidence of say December 2009 and let’s just look at the average monthly attendees result.

7. I am not copied in the pin message so the best person that would know the context of this would be Pastor Tan.

18 August 2014 (Part 2 – Special Olympics)

Shanghai 2007 Special Olympics



Source: City Harvest Church Crossover Documentary,

One of Sun’s achievements, as told by Kong and CHC on numerous occasions, was that she had starred in the music video of the Shanghai 2007 Special Olympic Games’ theme song, and had been “invited to perform the official theme song in the Opening Ceremony in front of a live audience of 80,000 and an estimated 1 billion television audience”.

The song sung by Sun and co-singer Sun Nan was titled “We Are Together”. It was produced by Kimmy Lai, Sun’s publicist in China and Hong Kong, and sponsored by Embrance International Music Foundation (Hong Kong).

In a bid to disprove Kong’s claims, Chew presented documentary evidence in court on the real official theme song for the Shanghai 2007 Special Olympics. The theme song, titled “I Know I Can”, was composed by Quincy Jones and performed by Shanghai singer, Liu Jin, at the Opening Ceremony.

Responding to the evidence shown, Kong said that he “[did] not know how many theme songs there were”. Kong also admitted that Sun “was not there at the opening ceremony”, but insisted that the song that she had recorded was used in the Shanghai 2007 Special Olympics. When asked if he could produce evidence on that, Kong said that he knew it was played in Hong Kong, but was unable to provide further details.


Have a look at the official music video and Liu Jin’s performance of the theme song at the Opening Ceremony of the Shanghai 2007 Special Olympics in the following videos.

19 August 2014 – (Morning session – 10 Reasons)

Mr. Chew:  Pastor Kong, I submit to you that you do not love the church, as in the people in the church, and you are not that concerned about the church’s suffering losses.

10 Reasons submitted to Pastor Kong

1. Pastor Kong should salvage the songs that have been recorded instead of just writing them off and forgetting about the copyright.

2. Pastor Kong refused to send Sun back in 2011 or so, as suggested by Mr. Chew. The reason given by Pastor Kong to Mr. Chew was: Sun and him would be too emotionally drained.

3. When Mr. Chew asked Pastor Kong to liquidate the copyrights and use the money to pay back whoever had borne the brunt of the losses, Pastor Kong replied to Mr. Chew that if the Xtron directors told me to do it, then he will do it.

4. During the years of the bonds being issued for the Crossover from 2007 to 2010, Pastor Kong could have put his own money into the Crossover instead of buying personal properties for himself.

5. Pastor Kong allowed $2.1 million to be sent from CHC to CHC KL, and then he claimed that KL independently funded him as love gifts and his team salaries for the same amount.

6. Pastor Kong has withheld himself from giving to the building fund and tithe to his own church despite being the founder and senior pastor and being the one on stage who challenged thousands to sacrifice for the building fund.

7. Pastor Kong allowed the church funds to be used to buy $3m of his own merchandise, which are his preaching sermon tapes.

8. In wanting to repay the bonds, Pastor Kong was thinking of ways for Xtron to earn more money from the church, so much so that he even planned to hold an Asia Conference every year instead of once every two years.

9. Pastor Kong defrauded the MPA givers by hiding the royalties, salaries and the bonuses from the spreadsheet, which he showed to the MPA givers, so that they would be emotionally led to contribute more to him and Sun.

10. In the property search, Pastor Kong wanted to acquire Suntec or, for that matter, along the way any property as quickly as possible regardless of the cost of the rental or the cost of the project.

18 August 2014 (Part 1 – First Day Cover)

CHC Trial – 18 August 2014 (Part 1)

Who owns the songs?

Kong said that approximately US$2.7 million had been spent on the production of “20-over songs”before Wyclef Jean was engaged as executive producer. Kong confirmed that these songs ultimately were not launched as Jean felt that “they were too white for Sun’s image”, but told the court that these songs are “still around”.

However, when asked who has ownership of the songs, Kong said that “it should be owned by Xtron”, but that he was “not 100 per cent sure”, despite him being the key man in the US. Kong also said that there had been no attempt to liquidate those songs, even though that could have helped to defray the losses that resulted from the album production costs.

“First Day Cover Stamp Series”

In 2004, in recognition of her contributions to the educational welfare of underprivileged ​​children through the building and betterment of schools and educational facilities in China, ​Sun was named the “Ambassador of Love” for the Children and Youth Foundation of China. ​That same year, she was also given the privilege of being featured in an official First Day ​Cover Stamp Series in China.”


Chew produced evidence in court to prove that the “First Day Cover Stamp Series” was a scam. The stamp series and plaque that Sun received were in recognition of her contributions made at a particular donation drive, where she was named Ambassador of Love together with 14 other corporations and individuals, Chew said. Kong, a stamp collector, claimed that he had thought that the stamps looked like First Day Cover stamps and “didn’t give it a second thought” as they were“given by the Chinese”

first day cover

Top: Sun Ho’s “First Day Cover Stamp Series”
Bottom: Official First Day Cover Stamps

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