Five City Harvest Church members (Founder Kong Hee, Pastor Tan Ye Peng, John Lam, Serina Wee and Sharon Tan) and one ex-member (Chew Eng Han), a total of 6 appeal against the conviction and sentence.

Possible hearing dates on
18 July to 31 July 2016
19 September to 23 September 2016.
Judges: Chao Hin Tick, Woo Bih Li and Chan Seng Onn
Venue: High Court

As a Christian, what did you do to help the 6 of them?

City Harvest Church WAS my church. I have left the church and settled in a new church with great mentor now. During the crossover project days, the congregation was told how successful Sun Ho was. Some music charts and videos on salvation through the crossover concert were shown on the screens. Believe me, it was during many church services. The Crossover Project was a church project. I remembered worship songs such as “If You Can Use Anything, Lord You Can Use Me” were sung. I personally thought that God’s hands were in the Crossover project. If you have God in the your project, don’t you think that He is the best guarantor? Who else do you need? To me, it wasn’t about Sun Ho, it’s about God. I thought that the pastors were all godly people. But the success of Sun Ho turned out to be self bought as heard in the court.

To the people who were involved in this “marketing strategy”, you have cheated my faith! Though I have forgiven you, I believe you have to live in your consequences of sins. It’s yet to come. As for Chew Eng Han, I feel the need to stand up for him, as he is a victim and was not part of this marketing strategy team. For those who have been betrayed by your pastors, loved ones or best friends, you will know the groan and understand what I am saying.

As for this court appeal, I suggest that the people, who do not have the facts and cannot verify the truth, to please show mercy to Chew. How many people can truly grasp the case?

I know that Chew is currently also facing another court case; City Harvest Church is suing Eng Han for his personal guarantor’s obligation.
Does the church truly want to see Chew bankrupt? Does the church want to add pressure to his family?

Of course, such an act isn’t vicious at all! It’s totally righteous on their part! If I was not a Christian, I would choose the broad way too, sue City Harvest Church for lying and cheating my faith. Sue City Harvest Church for all my emotional turmoil. Phew!

To end this off on a positive note, I want to thank the following group of people,
1. My friends who have shown love and support to Eng Han and his family.
2. Readers who wrote words of encouragement to Chew.
3. Pastors who went to his office to pray for Chew.
4. All the angels who supported the Chew’s family financially. I know that you do not judge according to appearance. May God bless you.

Lastly, if the content of my blog has upset you, please forgive me. God gave me a brain to think, and I will continue to discern between the right and wrong. City Harvest is definitely a wrong church to go to.

Happy Chinese New Year
Mrs Light