18 August 2014 (Part 2 – Special Olympics)

Shanghai 2007 Special Olympics



Source: City Harvest Church Crossover Documentary, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWCYny5RpNQ

One of Sun’s achievements, as told by Kong and CHC on numerous occasions, was that she had starred in the music video of the Shanghai 2007 Special Olympic Games’ theme song, and had been “invited to perform the official theme song in the Opening Ceremony in front of a live audience of 80,000 and an estimated 1 billion television audience”.

The song sung by Sun and co-singer Sun Nan was titled “We Are Together”. It was produced by Kimmy Lai, Sun’s publicist in China and Hong Kong, and sponsored by Embrance International Music Foundation (Hong Kong).

In a bid to disprove Kong’s claims, Chew presented documentary evidence in court on the real official theme song for the Shanghai 2007 Special Olympics. The theme song, titled “I Know I Can”, was composed by Quincy Jones and performed by Shanghai singer, Liu Jin, at the Opening Ceremony.

Responding to the evidence shown, Kong said that he “[did] not know how many theme songs there were”. Kong also admitted that Sun “was not there at the opening ceremony”, but insisted that the song that she had recorded was used in the Shanghai 2007 Special Olympics. When asked if he could produce evidence on that, Kong said that he knew it was played in Hong Kong, but was unable to provide further details.


Have a look at the official music video and Liu Jin’s performance of the theme song at the Opening Ceremony of the Shanghai 2007 Special Olympics in the following videos.