18 August 2014 (Part 3 – MPA)

CHC Trial – 18 August 2014 (Part 3)

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Multi-purpose account (MPA)

What is it?

Kong Hee said, “The MPA was set up by some of the Xtron donors in 2006 to support Sun and my livelihood in the mission field, because by the end of 2005, both of us went off church payroll.” “…secondarily, it was set up for us to use it for Crossover-related expenses in the missions field.”

The donors comprised 28 couples and a few individuals.

The deception

In 2010, Kong held a meeting with the MPA givers and showed them a spreadsheet which reflected a deficit in 2009 of around $533,000. Each giver was handed a letter about how much they had been giving and what additional givings they could make to try to take care of the deficit.

“Along with my wife and some of the MPA givers, we were quite troubled that our giving was not enough to support your ministry. So in those pledge forms, we decided to give more than we had been giving”, said Chew.

What Kong did not tell the givers was that the reported sponsorship income was net of royalties and salaries paid to Sun.


Chew said to Kong that he had breached the trust of the MPA givers. In response, Kong said that he was sorry if Chew and his wife felt that way, but if he had put the royalties and salaries together with the expenses, it would make no difference to the deficit at the end.

Author’s comments

Question: Who decided on the amount of royalties and salaries to be paid to Sun?  Was it Kong, the key man in the US?  And royalties for what album?

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