18 August 2014 (Part 1 – First Day Cover)

CHC Trial – 18 August 2014 (Part 1)

Who owns the songs?

Kong said that approximately US$2.7 million had been spent on the production of “20-over songs”before Wyclef Jean was engaged as executive producer. Kong confirmed that these songs ultimately were not launched as Jean felt that “they were too white for Sun’s image”, but told the court that these songs are “still around”.

However, when asked who has ownership of the songs, Kong said that “it should be owned by Xtron”, but that he was “not 100 per cent sure”, despite him being the key man in the US. Kong also said that there had been no attempt to liquidate those songs, even though that could have helped to defray the losses that resulted from the album production costs.

“First Day Cover Stamp Series”

In 2004, in recognition of her contributions to the educational welfare of underprivileged ​​children through the building and betterment of schools and educational facilities in China, ​Sun was named the “Ambassador of Love” for the Children and Youth Foundation of China. ​That same year, she was also given the privilege of being featured in an official First Day ​Cover Stamp Series in China.”

​Source: http://www.chc.org.sg/#!sun-ho/

Chew produced evidence in court to prove that the “First Day Cover Stamp Series” was a scam. The stamp series and plaque that Sun received were in recognition of her contributions made at a particular donation drive, where she was named Ambassador of Love together with 14 other corporations and individuals, Chew said. Kong, a stamp collector, claimed that he had thought that the stamps looked like First Day Cover stamps and “didn’t give it a second thought” as they were“given by the Chinese”

first day cover

Top: Sun Ho’s “First Day Cover Stamp Series”
Bottom: Official First Day Cover Stamps

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