30 September 2014 – Sharon’s Re-examination (Part 1)

Sharon: “Your Honour, it’s important to me because Pastor Tan is the second in line after Pastor Kong, and he has been in all board meeting leading the discussion, so I wanted to make sure that Pastor Tan is aware about it.”

2 Oct 2014 – Mrs Light Comments

The roles of the 2 board members and finance director of CHC (from what I have heard in court)
John Lam – “pop-in” and “pop-out”
Kong Hee – “fly-in” and “fly-out”
Sharon Tan – “listen in” and “carry out”

25 September 2014 – DPP cross-examined Sharon (Morning session)

Judge: Ms Tan, the question is simple and very straightforward. It is simply to ask you to confirm what you have said in that email, which is the cash will only last 2.9 years of Expo rental, and that is $10.7m. So whether it is simple maths or more complicated maths, I don’t understand why you can’t just address the question directly.