No Spirit of Confusion in my house

After reading the message to the CHC congregation, the message seems that and appears to me that it’s a confusing statement. Firstly, the message alleged that Mr. Chew was seeking to recover financial damages via a civil suit, but instead he complained to the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD). In point (e) the church and the lawyer have not seen the contents of the complaint, so what they have written seemed to contradict the points.

Police Report on Cheating Case

I have confirmed with Mr. Chew that he has lodged a police report with the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) on 11th July 2016 against 8 people for conspiracy to cheat and for misuse of church funds from City Harvest Church (“CHC”).


Draw Who?

Since when did this song become the key anthem song in CHC? Either I’m having amnesia or there is wilful blindness in CHC

Section 377A of the Penal Code

Although there is no more news about people convicted under 377(a), this does not mean that homosexual activities are legal in Singapore.