CHC Trial (Sep 15, 2015) – Eng Han Oral Submission

Your Honour, I keep throwing questions because every time the defence throws a reasonable question at the prosecution’s case and they cannot answer, then there is a reasonable doubt about their case scenario and they have to get past this hurdle. I invite them to answer all these questions.

CHC Trial (Sep 15, 2015) – DPP Oral Submission

If your Honour agrees with us that the Xtron and Firna bonds were sham, it follows that the accused persons have deceived the lawyers, and cannot, in their defence, rely on their communications with their lawyers.

CHC Trial (Sep 14, 2015) – SC Edwin Tong Oral Submission

When your Honour looks at state of mind, it’s not just about what you might think, or what one might think about why certain emails were written. But your Honour, with respect, has to look at it in the context of the circumstances in which they occurred.

CHC Trial (Sep 14, 2015) – DPP Oral Submission

The elephant in the room which none of these accused persons have dared openly to confront is the fact that it was the church’s own money that was consistently used or planned to be used to repay debts supposedly owed by these entities to the church.