22 September 2014 – DPP cross-examined Sharon

DPP: “….What you really concerned about here was Mr Sim finding out that advance rental from CHC had been channeled into the redemption of the Firna bonds. That’s what you were concerned about. You can agree or disagree.”

18 September 2014 – Tan cross-examined Sharon

She did not minute down in details what was discussed in the meeting, especially the approval. She explained in court that the approval for Xtron to invest into Firna should be from the Xtron directors. She only recorded the necessary portions in the CHC board minutes.

18 September 2014 – Sharon (Round Up)

Your Honour, my story and information that was given to the CAD remains the same, and I believe that I have been consistent. Your Honour, this is my only story, and I do not have another story to tell. That’s all, your Honour.”